Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What's Underway Here

Just as I took a minute to check my emails today, I came across a mass email from John West of the Center for Science and Culture. Plenty of details were contained in that email about what they plan on accomplishing next year.

I'm pretty stoked about what they have in mind. In particular, an ID curriculum that is in the works seems pretty awesome.

Which brings me to this blog's project. Essentially this blog will provide a kind of syllabus of responses to critics of key ID books. Just to show that this project is still under way, I thought I'd post what the first five of these books are:

  1. Darwin's Black Box - This is a fundamental book, and the criticisms are both predictable and unchanged from what they were several years ago.
  2. Edge of Evolution - Goes more in-depth than DB2, and much can be gained for someone can understand how to defend the merits of this book.
  3. The Design Revolution - Goes into deeper depth about some of the common as well as deeper criticisms of Intelligent Design.
  4. Signature in the Cell - Technically an entire book already exists for defending this one, so I'm listing it only as a fundamental read.
  5. PIG to Darwinism & ID - It looks like this is the easiest to read for beginners to the whole debate, and it covers quite a bit of ground.

These are all good starting points for the debate over ID. I'll start gathering/producing responses to critics on this blog for each of these soon. Each book will have it's own post, and they will all be linked to from the "But It's Already Been Refuted!" page.

Looking forward to seeing how far this goes!